Care Services

Assisted Living

The philosophy of our assisted living program is to provide the support of each resident to improve well-being, encourage independence and support quality of life. Experienced caregivers provide personal assistance and support for all residents, always treating them like family. Services include:

  • 24-hour Care Team
  • Medication management program
  • Licensed nurses to oversee care plans and monitor changing needs
  • Community enrichment and engagement program
  • Dining program to support health and nutrition
  • Palliative and hospice care transitions

Memory Care

When it comes to providing support of our residents with memory and cognitive needs due to dementia, we believe that engagement in supportive programs is critical. Therefore, in addition to providing assisted living services, we offer programs that allow residents to feel comfortable and successful regardless of their level of care. Services include:

  • Small group activities and life skills that keep residents living with dementia feeling connected and engaged
  • Regular room checks throughout the day to encourage a routine that includes social interactions
  • Special support with dining, hydration, and nutrition
  • Medication monitoring